Urbanism|design interests

I hold a strong interest in both urban design, graphic design and photography. 

My interest in urban design and urbanism initially began through a voluntary association with the non-government umbrella organisation Community Housing Aotearoa (CHA) that later saw me take up a part-time role as CHA’s communications manager for two years.

At around the same time I was drawn into a working relationship with urban designer James (Jim) Lunday that cemented my passion for ‘all things urban’. I first worked on a casual basis for Jim as a ghost writer and editor for his former company Common Ground Studio in 2009-2010, and later joined his urban strategy team at Regenerate Christchurch for a short-term project involving a mix of historical research and community consultation in 2017.

A decade of diverse writing

My reportage of topics related to urban design has continued for nigh on 10 years across many different forms and formats – from articles to essays.

The number of ‘news’ articles related to urbanism and design I have written over the last decade is approaching 100, and counting.

The list of articles below have been published by the following publications/ websites: ArchitectureNow (32 articles), Idealog (16), Scoop.co.nz (6), Urban (5), Newsroom_Plus (5), Prodesign (4), The Fifth Estate (2), Landscape Architecture (2), Build (2), Good (1), Celsias (1), Parity/ HousingWorks (1), UrbanismNZ2018 (1).


  • Talking transport in Te Upoko o te Ika (for Talk Wellington)
  • Will the planets align for our new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development? (Idealog)
  • Joining the dots on urbanism (ArchitectureNow)
  • Jonathan Rose: Bringing cities to life (ArchitectureNow)
  • Urban is the answer: The life’s work of Jonathan F. P. Rose (UrbanismNZ2018)
  • Urbanism NZ event primed to provoke (ArchitectureNow)
  • Does your building have a hero’s cape? (Idealog)
  • Knitted together by earthquakes (Wellington.Scoop)
  • A curatorial architect: Sir David Adjaye (Idealog)
  • University of Otago Childcare Centre (ArchitectureNow)
  • Taking car parks for a spin (ArchitectureNow)
  • Walk2Work Day (ArchitectureNow)
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (ArchitectureNow)
  • Inside Gehry (ArchitectureNow)
  • Seeing something in a new way (ArchitectureNow)
  • Film for thought (ArchitectureNow)
  • Weaving together matauranga Maori and urban design (Idealog)
  • Seeing the future shape of cities through a foreign policy lens (Idealog)
  • Naked walls and rooftops turn green with envy (Idealog)
  • Setting the scene for green building (Idealog)
  • The one discipline we all share: Memory Studies (Idealog)
  • ‘What could go right?’ The question every business should be asking (Idealog)
  • Empire State Building owner talks energy efficient retrofits and dishes out some advice to John Key (Idealog)
  • Finding common ground on sustainable cities (ArchitectureNow)
  • Urban planning gunned down by Productivity Commission (ArchitectureNow)
  • Productivity Commission lands a whopper report on housing affordability (ArchitectureNow)
  • Lifting perceptions with Green Star (ArchitectureNow)
  • New agenda set for creating a sustainable Wellington (Idealog)
  • Vancouver at the vanguard (ArchitectureNow)
  • Newtown Park apartments (ArchitectureNow)
  • The Building Intelligence Group (ArchitectureNow)
  • Green Property lessons for New Zealand from the USA (ArchitectureNow)
  • Massimo Santanicchia visits New Zealand (ArchitectureNow)
  • Vincent paints a canvas for landscape architects (ArchitectureNow)
  • Urban mobility a theme for World Habitat Day (ArchitectureNow)
  • Architecture to be at centre stage at Semi-Permanent (ArchitectureNow)
  • Affordable housing issues captured in new book (ArchitectureNow)
  • Pipitea Marae (ArchitectureNow)
  • Architecture and sports shoes (ArchitectureNow)
  • Big week for VUW School of Architecture (ArchitectureNow)
  • Book launch: From prefab precursors to an ab fab future (ArchitectureNow)
  • Awards aplenty for social housing professionals (ArchitectureNow)
  • Wellington architects making a mark in community housing (ArchitectureNow)
  • Kiwi urbanism struggling to fly (ArchitectureNow)
  • Turning one green corner of Christchurch into a field of possibilities (ArchitectureNow)
  • Spotlight put on sites for city housing developments (ArchitectureNow)
  • 17 mini parks instead of car parks, one parking space at a time (Wellington.Scoop)
  • Putting enough land in New Zealand for future housing needs (Newsroomplus.com)
  • Air Quality Gets An Airing On Both Sides Of The Tasman(Newsroomplus.com)
  • Anatomy of a ‘housing scoop’ (Newsroomplus.com)
  • A New Zealand Review: Housing in the Headlights (Parity | Housing Works)
  • Housing Minister – “Warrants of Fitness not warranted” (Newsroomplus.com)
  • Out Of Australia : Big Mansions & An Ageing Nation (Newsroomplus.com)
  • Film for thought: The 2014 Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival (Wellington.Scoop)
  • Lots to celebrate at the new, improved Newtown Park Apartments (Wellington.Scoop)
  • Australia’s credentials as an innovative nation on the line (The Fifth Estate)
  • NZ Green Property Summit (The Fifth Estate)
  • Smart house move extends housing range (Build magazine)
  • Affordable architecture (Build)
  • The act of giving life to memory in our public spaces (Urban)
  • Lest we forget our darkest hours (Urban)
  • Property Council proposes springboard for change for Wellington (Urban)
  • City of Villages? It might not be original but it’s working for Sydney (Urban)
  • Memories & Melancholia : Jack Bowring (Landscape Architecture)
  • Walk this way: Voting with our feet (Celsias)
  • Towns & Cities New Zealand – committed to raising the bar (Urban)
  • Vincent Ward: Deliberately Different (Landscape Architecture)
  • What do New Zealand’s futurologists think of our cities/ Urban designers must start planning utopias (Good magazine)
  • A Melbourne Vision For The Future Of City Making (Scoop.co.nz)


  • Nga Aho design network gains a German infusion (Idealog)
  • Do the Mix & Mash (Idealog)
  • Semi-Permanent chucks up creative diversity (Idealog)
  • Semi-Permanent brings a touch of vaudeville to Wellington (Idealog)
  • Peeking into the keyhole at Mistress Creative (Idealog)
  • Looking back on SPWGTN (Idealog)
  • Filenotes On Webstock: News, Design & Dystopia (Scoop.co.nz)
  • Imagine That! [exhibition opening, Massey University] (Prodesign)
  • First Draft [NZ flag design] (Prodesign)
  • Face the music [the posters of Jason Munn] (Prodesign)
  • Tivoli, Oh Tivoli – 20 years of rocking posters (Prodesign)

Over many years I have now amassed a substantial personal collection of literature on cities, for enjoyment and research. The larger library of books this sits within also has a concentration of books and texts on graphic design and photography – particularly on subjects such as poster art, collage, montage, postcards, infographics, the ‘business of design’ generally, photojournalism and documentary photography.

My instagram account address is instagram.com/palavermedia