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Staff newsletter brief/ work in progress

  • Follow a regular schedule – say six times a year max 🙂
  • Manager/ Staff-driven with assigned editor
  • Visually alive, with at least one photo and ‘story’ each time eg a featured staff member – would suit Mailchimp or on ‘back pages’/ login pages of a website
  • Capture some content from internal events like the Virtual Town Hall
  • Stick to a consistent format and length (eg equivalent of 2-3 pages)


DRAFT COPY as at 10 June

A message from Craig

The continued growth of the Streamline Business Group is a testament to the exceptional people working in all of the teams across the Group.

I see 2022 shaping up as a year of ‘Focused Delivery’ and team building. It’s important to note that the Group has now passed the four year mark of operating under the Streamline banner. The evolution that many of us have been through over many years, has recently seen the number of staff break through to more than 100 people – almost evenly located in New Zealand, Fiji and India.

We are a Global team. It’s an aspect to the businesses that we have been building together which makes me extremely proud. We have pulled through the challenging times of Covid-19 because of a determination to push through to achieving new milestones – be that revenue goals or new appointments like that of our first Global HR Manager, Nelvin Kumar, who will start in the role, based out of Fiji, in July.

On 16th December 2021 I was part of a meeting that charted our future mapping around a compelling What, How and Why for the Group. The decision to begin a regular staff newsletter supports this direction, and is a recognition of how important it is to take the time to share and celebrate our achievements. I encourage you all to participate with our editor Stephen Olsen to allow this newsletter to reflect our work together.

Thank you, ka pai, shukriyaa and naka for all of the exceptional work you do. Never forget, you are exceptional people.

All the best, Craig Pellett

Our shared What, How and Why

Arriving at a shared What, How and Why that could resonate and connect with everyone working across the Streamline Business Group was not an easy task. And yet for all the difficulty of setting this out in an all-encompassing way, the landing point has a simple and powerful form.

The right information, at the right time, to the right people to make the right decisions

Elements of our What speak plainly, simply and directly to what we do. At the core of all of our customer interactions is the common driver to get the right information, at the right time, to the right people, to make the right decisions. The sequence of this, when it operates seamlessly, is an undeniable sweet spot.

Exceptional people, working together, designing efficient processes, using enabling technologies

The How is a way of stating that moving from good to great won’t work without a combination of four essential ingredients. Using enabling technologies and designing efficient processes are essential, but not sufficient on their own. It will always take exceptional people, working together, to make the difference. That’s where the How begins.

We believe everyone should be unleashed to operate in their zone of genius

Having a Why statement adds what would otherwise be a missing piece – by expressing the value that we should all place on locating and owning our personal and professional potential. For Streamline Business Group the three words that best express this are zone of genius. Those things we are best at doing, the things we shine at. Being at the top of our game and getting better and better, side by side with our clients. Who doesn’t want to be unleashed to operate in their zone of genius? That’s worth believing in, for everyone.

Irene Bennetts – Inspirational Leader

Irene Bennetts chose the name Admin Army for her business because she wanted something that wasn’t boring, something funky and with a fun personality – a good description for Irene actually.


Faced with the prospect of less challenging, status quo alternatives Irene took the leap into shaping her own entrepreneurial future – initially based out of her home patch in the Hawkes Bay – in 2016. And she hasn’t looked back since.

From that starting point to the current army of 33 staff, Irene’s vision of devoting her time to business development – “it’s what I love” – has come true. And while being part of the Streamline Business Group wasn’t originally on the agenda that too has been about absolutely key to fulfilling the growing ambitions for Admin Army.

Hitching Admin Army to a larger group did mean “letting go” says Irene.

“In a very real way that’s the experience that our client businesses have – the holding on to the belief that no one else will do things for your business as well as you can do. I had to let go of that perception myself, which is why my LinkedIn profile notes that I’m a reformed control freak!”

“I know I’m on the right pathway because of the way things have ‘clicked’ into place along the way. Some people might call it luck, however I think it’s more down to the fact that I’m always open to exploring new opportunities – something that past role models instilled in me.

“I think for me the big thing has always been about expanding my mindset from what I can see in front of me, to looking beyond. It has definitely helped me grow my strategic outlook. Things I never would have even considered, like Australia/UK expansion and not just for Admin Army, but being part of growing the wider group within that.

“We’ve purposefully taken a ‘hire before we’re ready’ approach to ensure we can onboard the team well and set them up for success in the Admin Army way of doing things”.

Battling perceptions has been a constant in the conversations that Irene has been championing, to increase the regard and understanding people have of bookkeeping and of businss process outsourcing (BPO).

Irene has been correcting the ledger so that more and more people can grasp that bookkeeping can be successfully done remotely, a realisation in the industry that dealing with Covid has driven home.

Irene: “I no longer have to explain how it’s possible in every third sales call I have, whereas the mis-perceptions people have about BPO are more stubbon and 100% about stereotypes. I’d say a lot of that is because not all BPO has the team culture we have at Admin Army – one where if you’re in NZ, Fiji or India we’re all working together. And we don’t just become colleagues, we become friends”.

For Irene attaining the sense of having a zone of genius or ZOG, has three elements:

  1. It’s something you’re good at (For Irene that’s business development)
  2. It’s something that lights your fire on the inside – you love doing it (business development again!)
  3. It’s something that other people can recognise in you (and … business development!!)

“When I’m not walking my dog Gryff, I’m at my happiest when my days have a mix of sales calls (especially when they convert!), interacting with the team (whether that is for some specific training I’m providing or a meeting to discuss whatever the topic of the day is!), interacting with the wider team too”.

The two criteria for Admin Army recruitment are that you are someone who is ambitious and someone who defines themselves as a problem solver. For the sense of what the growing Admin Army team means for Irene you don’t have to look any further than the series of one-on-one videos being posted on the (highly recommended) Admin Army Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

An Admin Army snapshot, by the numbers:

6 in NZ
1 in Australia
16 in Fiji
10 in India and growing
2.5 Sales & Management
2 Quality
3 Payroll
13 Bookkeeping
7 Accounting Practice Support
5.5 Virtual Assistants (VA)

Fun fact about Irene – “I’m a huge fan of outsourcing as much life admin as I can. My latest discovery is outsourcing the chopping of onions after finding out that you can buy frozen pre-chopped onions at the supermarket”.

An invitation from our editor

Greetings to all the Streamliners around the world! In 2014-15 I had the pleasure and privilege of working for and with Craig to manage the old, and will be popping up here as your newsletter editor.

My big ask for your participation will be for you to send me an email when the business area you’re working in has “news” to share. That news may be about celebrating celebrate a special milestone, achievement or insights into a team member’s zone of genius. I want to hear from everyone at some point and we’re expecting this newsletter will appear at least 4-6 times a year. The door is wide open so don’t hold back!

My email is… ??? (or just use