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Working Life leftovers..  have to be of members’ interest

  • State Sector (they** were bumped from the last issue and would like some profile this time there’s a ‘what is the state sector’ infographic in the early planning stages that could be ready by now)
  • Bargaining expectations for public service
  • Public service forum
  • ERA update?
  • Te Ture Whenua Bill – chase up what’s happening with it and how our members feel
  • Something around the TPPA in its new form?
  • Equal pay – Zombie bill opposition (if relevant)
  • Profile piece on the Admin Clerical bill – talk to Anne Shanks and potentially Nancy McShane?
  • Ross Wilson – Former CTU president, Chair of Union Health insurer EBS/HealthCare Plus, Behind Union Aid. Could be a great potential interview subject on unionism on boards/in governance, unionism outside of the workplace (UnionAid, healthcare), or something else? Chat more with Glenn and Erin about potential angle for this piece.

Working Life ‘external’ content

March 2018

President’s message                       Preview of content

Union movement                             Upcoming doco on Helen Kelly

APRIL – delete emails too…   PSA News

  • Item about the Government expectations.
  • Did Jo Taylor’s letter to MPs go: Extension of the Care and Support Equal Pay Settlement to Mental Health and Addictions Support Workers