kaibosh copy writing

The purpose of having a mascot is to bring a lighter, fun element to the branding for Kaibosh with an appeal across all audiences. Among the benefits of a mascot element is the way it can be deployed in different mediums and campaigns.

cross reference to https://www.kaibosh.org.nz/donate-food/how-does-it-work/  


It couldn’t be simpler. We’re like an uber for food pick-ups! Once the time and place to pick up from is underway we take it from there. 

Sorting & Storing (Sort me out before you go-go)

Donated food takes a chilled out ride to Kaibosh central where our volunteers get it sorted out and stored away, ready for redistribution.  

Ready To Distribute

By the day after pick-up the sorted food is readied for distribution to where it’s most needed at multiple destinations. 


The best part about the Kaibosh journey is knowing food arrives with a recpient just in time to fill that fridge, feed that whanau and share the love. 


kaibosh – Microcopy | Voice | Narrative

Initial thinking: 

  • Humble – voice (don’t ask for too much)
  • Sybmolism (mascot)
  • “Let’s…” “We…”  “Together…”
  • What, How, Why – tool for explanation
  • Showing the journey
  • Support
  • Human oriented

Possible revisions to current copy:

Instead of “We stop…” > “We help to stop..,”

Make the use of Food Rescue more active… eg. ‘Join the Food Rescue Movement’.

Couple the word Redistribution more often – Food Rescue & Redistribution

Use Kaibosh.org.nz in full

Other assorted copy ideas/ lines:

Target oriented: We have 39 donors on our list, eleven more and we’ll hit 50!

Shopper oriented: Wherever you shop help food waste stop! – rescue food by recommending your local retailer or food-based business donates its unwanted food to Kaibosh.org.nz

Donor oriented (pride related): Pass it on. At the end of every day we’re doing what we can to ensure our quality leftover food goes to good places. We’re passing on what we don’t use to the food rescue heroes at Kaibosh.org.nz to redistribute. It’s food for thought.

Donor oriented: The best place for food is on a hungry table – if you’re able to, please donate your waste food to Kaibosh to redistribute.

Public oriented: The best before date for quality food is the date before it’s thrown away. Kaibosh helps hungry people by rescuing food – you can help us do that too, visit Kaibosh.org.nz

Public oriented: When we’ve eaten as much as we need, let’s think of the needs of people who don’t have enough to eat. Think food rescue, act food rescue – with Kaibosh.org.nz